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I'm a newbie of Android and I bought a Samsung Galaxy W with Android 2.3.5 on, upgraded to 2.3.6. I'm using the Calendar app pre-installed. The phone is a samsung galaxy gio, gt-s5660 running android 2.3.6. . 3. Return to home screen and wait a while for Market/Play Store Скачать игры на Андроид 2.3.6 бесплатно, у нас всегда новые бесплатные полная версия игры на телефон только на нашем мобильном портале. Android 2.3.6: This Android smartphone is a brilliantly constructed piece of hardware merged with the Google Android 2.3.6 to provide end users with amazing.

The Android API level list says that the highest API level you can use for 2.3.6 is API level 10. The next higher level 11 requires at least Android.

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